Managing the Creative Process

Great design is not about 'creativity' as much as it is about great research and passionate work.

Client, Site, Architecture

An overview of our approach to the art and science of architecture.

Between Earth & Sky

A short film sharing some of the fundamental values underlying our approach to practice.

Client Voices: Steve Start

One client's experience creating a custom residence, which we designed and furnished.

Client Voices: Diane & Rob Rutherford

Diane and Rob reflect on their experience acquiring their new home.

Client Voices: Dr. Nathan Dikes

One client's experience creating a 58 bed licensed boarding home for his company - certified passivhaus.

Client Voices: Chris Reilly

One client's experience creating an office for his company.

Client Voices: Jane Brown

One client's experience creating a custom residence, which we designed and built.

Net Positive Passive House

A contemporary urban retreat that uses passive house technology to be energy independent.

What is 'Good Design'?

You should expect great design solutions working with an architect, but what does that mean?

Clients are the Mission

We curate the experience our clients have as thoughtfully as we design their projects.

It's not about 'drawing plans'.

We take a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach that embraces all aspects of the work.

Managing Budgets

We prefer to build a viable financial model before we design.  

Architecture of Wellness

We spend most of our time indoors, so it is important that our interiors are healthy places.

The WELL Building Institute

A brief discussion of the intersections between wellness and architectural design of interest to us in practice.

LEC Wellness Center

Discussing our client's vision for a holistic wellness center affiliated with Cancer Care Northwest.

Dwelling in Art

Moments from a brief visit with an artist in the home/studio he has personally created over time.

Hygrothermal Modeling

A quick overview of the importance of managing vapor-borne moisture in building assemblies.

Cycles of Development

For us, no two projects are the same, yet they all move through a predictable internal process.