Sam Rodell
Sam Rodell
Principal Architect

Sam has been practicing as an award winning architect for over thirty years, the majority of which of which he has also built his client's projects. This blend of experience balances powerful artistic and theoretical interests of architecture with the pragmatic understanding of construction only available to highly experienced builders and architects. 

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Sam has been practicing as an award winning architect for over thirty years, the majority of which of which he has also built his client's projects. This blend of experience balances the powerful artistic and theoretical interests of architecture with the pragmatic understanding of construction only available to highly experienced builders and architects.

Kirkwood Rodell Architects

Principal, 1990 - Present

Residential / Commercial / Institutional Architecture & Interiors

Rodell Construction Services

President, 1994 - 2014

General contractors exclusively for clients

S. E. Rodell Architect AIA

Principal (1984 - 1990)


Sam is currently licensed to practice architecture in most western states and provinces, and is also certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) to expedite registration elsewhere. Sam and Maren are the only Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC) architects in eastern Washington and northern Idaho.

NCARB Certified (1984 - Present)

Registered Architect in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and British Columbia

Certified Passive House Consultant PHIUS

LEED Accredited Professional BD+C

American Institute of Architects - Past President, Spokane A.I.A.


A strong believer in the value of research driven design as well as education and life long learning, Sam has remained highly active in academic pursuits throughout his career.

Adjunct Professor

Washington State University (1990 - 2013)

Harvard Graduate School of Design

Executive Studies | Sustainable Design (2011)

Washington State University

Master of Science in Architecture (2008) Thesis:

The Influence of Robert Venturi on Louis Kahn

University of Idaho

Bachelor of Architecture (1980)

University of London School of Architecture

European Architectural History Studies (1978)

Maren Longhurst
Maren Longhurst
Project Architect, Building Science Coordinator

Maren is a licensed architect particularly interested in high performance architecture and building science.  She uses detailed site analysis along with three dimensional thermal and spatial modeling to design beautiful, efficient buildings that perform reliably, elegantly, and simply. She holds a Masters in Architecture from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and is a Certified Passive House Consultant, certified LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environment) professional, and a WELL Accredited Professional (a credential that signifies knowledge in health and wellness in the built environment and specialization in the WELL Building Standard), and a RESET (Regenerative Ecological Social & Economic Targets) Accredited Professional. Maren is also the Northwest U.S. adviser to the Passive House Alliance board of directors.

Nate Robinson
Nate Robinson
Project Architect, Communication & Workflow Coordinator

Nate is a licensed architect with a Master of Architecture degree from Washington State University and an NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) certificate. His history with our studio dates back to when Sam first knew him as an exceptionally dedicated and talented student.    Nate's interest in design as a means to enrich our built environment whilst designing projects woven to their natural and cultural context aligns perfectly with our values. Nate is both steadily responsible and artistically creative.  "I am excited to be learning and growing as part of a team actively working to improve how we understand architecture and our clients."

Wendy Nolan
Wendy Nolan
Interior Designer

We cannot think of finishes, furnishings, and fixtures as an afterthought, and  don't isolate interior and architectural design... for us, this is one holistic approach.   Wendy is a NCIDQ certified Interior Designer who returned to Sam Rodell Architects after 16 years of travelling the world as a military spouse - enjoying different locations as well as the varied clientele each new city brought. She holds a degree in Fine Art from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, and all those years of professional experience across the globe. She is has rejoined our team with a wealth of experience.

Roger Snipes
Roger Snipes
Financial Manager

Roger is all business. An integral and invaluable part of our team for over twenty years, Roger joined the firm with a high level of experience in construction accounting and management. He works mostly behind the scenes to maintain rigorous tracking and management of studio operations and construction pay requests as well as wholesale purchasing for clients.  

There are no greys in Roger's world - it's all black and white.  Got a bill to submit without proper documentation?  Don't even bother.  (We know he's not perfect... but to date, we have nothing to document that.)

Bucko Slabaugh
Bucko Slabaugh
Project Manager

Bucko graduated with a Masters of Architecture degree from Montana State University in 2012. He is naturally passionate about the art and especially the craft of building. Lifelong outdoor recreation has also led to a love for our ecosystem. "I am privileged to work with a firm that honors traditional wisdom, but always seeks what is best for our environment."   Bucko works in Bozeman, where he supports our studio on site, and collaborates with the architectural team to optimize communication with the builder team.  He loves to work hands-on, often creating physical mockups of assemblies.  Bucko owns a custom architectural metal fabrication shop: Arc & Wedge Custom Works.

Chad Heimbigner
Chad Heimbigner
Civil Engineer

With decades of experience in civil engineering and consulting, Chad excels at sensitive site development, sustainable design, and excellent collaboration and communication skills. He has worked in a wide range of environments in various markets throughout the United States; each project presents unique challenges which inspire him to approach every project with a fresh viewpoint and enthusiasm for understanding the nuances of the project at hand. Chad is a principal with Coffman Engineers, a regional multi-disciplinary engineering firm.

Adam Cohen
Adam Cohen
Commercial Passivhaus Architect

Adam's work as a prominent architect and innovative builder of 'market rate' commercial high performance building has made him a recognized national leader in the Passivhaus movement. His successes in commercial Passivhaus design have made him a sought after speaker, consultant and teacher of ultra-low energy design. His experience includes the first Passivhaus certified public school, university student center, dental clinic, and religious assembly buildings on our continent.  (Full bio here)

Mark Kartchner
Mark Kartchner
Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical systems are an integral part of passive building design, and Mark enjoys the challenge of balancing comfort with energy savings. As principal engineer of Kartchner Engineering Mark has had a broad range of experience with many types of projects around the country, and has found great satisfaction in saving energy through unique and standard mechanical systems. It takes a team to make a great building, and passive building brings everyone together to create the best.

Jim Krumsick
Jim Krumsick
Electrical Engineer

Electrical systems are an important aspect of well designed, high performance architecture, and we take a particular interest in being certain we are integrating current and emerging technologies at their highest potential. With over 40 years of experience and a strong interest in the work we are doing, Jim adds both the technical depth and creative energy required to assure our clients optimal outcomes rather than just another project 'wired to code' however it may fall together on the construction site.

Gary Klein
Gary Klein
Hot Water Systems Engineer

Gary has been intimately involved in energy efficiency and renewable energy since 1974, and is a nationally recognized leader in plumbing technologies. Hot water systems include the heaters, distribution piping, plumbing fixtures and appliances, and waste heat that runs down the drain. Gary focuses on practical measures proven and provide high performance hot water systems.

Albert Bicol
Albert Bicol
Net-Zero Energy Engineer

With 30 years of experience, Albert has a wide range of experience in the USA, Canada, and Asia. He brings deep technical expertise paired with passion for the importance of business and value analysis in design.  His belief in the value of more robust design concepts is at the heart of this quote:  "Consider this….Creativity, necessity, and resourcefulness designed and built the Ark.  Advanced engineering and state of the art technology designed and built the Titanic."

Kendra Arellanes
Kendra Arellanes
Communications Director

Kendra manages the marketing and communications aspects of our interior design division.  She specializes in press relations and social media while simultaneously coordinating the administrative end of design.Kendra's background is in non-profit communications, and enjoys every opportunity to network within the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene community.

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